Civil mediation is a process that allows disputing parties in a civil lawsuit to reach an agreement with the guidance of a neutral mediator.  This avoids the expense and time of a trial and enables the disputing parties to play a role in the final outcome of their case.

Mediation is often preferable to traditional litigation because it provides a solution that is agreed upon by both parties involved in the dispute.  Successful mediation means everyone walks away from the dispute comfortable with the resolution and in agreement about the fairness of the outcome.

Any type of civil case can be mediated.  In order to achieve a successful mediation, disputing parties must hire an experienced mediator and agree to be open to honest discussion and compromise.  The mediator guides the discussion and facilitates a fair outcome for everyone.

Even in cases where no solution seems viable early on, a skilled mediator is able to help disputing parties reach an agreement.  If you are looking for an experienced mediator or you are ready to schedule a consultation for a civil mediation, contact Catherine Futch, a Registered Neutral mediating in the State of Georgia, at 404.309.5709 or by email at