Discrimination is an extremely sensitive issue.  In some cases, people’s misunderstood statements or actions offend others and situations spin out of control and unnecessarily become a legal battle.  Other times, ill will is intended and a person’s rights are trampled by a discriminatory act.  No matter how the dispute concerning discrimination began, mediation provides a fair resolution without the need for a lengthy and expensive trial.

Mediation is beneficial when allegations of discrimination are made because it provides an opportunity for everyone to share their concerns in a safe, neutral setting.  Sometimes, discrimination lawsuits spring from a misunderstanding.  Mediation makes it possible to discuss various issues and come to terms with statements or actions.

Mediation may provides a means by which an injured party is able to receive compensation.  It provides an opportunity for this person to speak his or her mind and perhaps be compensated for any damages that occurred as a result of the discriminatory behavior.

Do you feel discrimination has damaged you in some way? Have you been accused of discrimination? Mediation can help.  Contact experienced mediator and Georgia State Registered Neutral Catherine Futch at 404.309.5709 or by email at to schedule a consultation.