Healthcare mediation allows disputing parties to resolve conflicts related to health and medical issues with the assistance of a neutral third party.  Mediators create a safe environment in which everyone is free to express his or her concerns and determine the best outcome for all involved.  Mediation is especially beneficial in healthcare disputes because of the sensitive nature of health matters.

Additionally, mediation reduces the stress, expense and time usually associated with traditional litigation.  All parties are free to speak their mind and control the final outcome of the dispute.

Experienced healthcare mediators are familiar with common legal health issues and are skilled at working with physicians, patients, and administrative teams.  They understand the stress of dealing with health matters and they do all they can to help everyone feel comfortable and understood.

If are interested in learning more about how healthcare mediation can help you reach a resolution, contact Catherine Futch at 404.309.5709 or by email at  She is a Registered Neutral mediating in the State of Georgia and is ready to help you resolve your healthcare conflict.